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Pooja is the conventional worship of the Divine performed by Hindus, its ultimate goal is to offer devotional prayer to one or more God/Goddess. Pooja may celebrate or honor the presence of a special guest or in the memory of someone who died.
Ujjain, being one of the 7 holistic cities, is well known for providing ‘moksha’ or ‘emancipation’ from the phase of birth and death. “Anand-Shree” is one of the country’s most recognizable and trustable firms for Hindu pooja, astrology, Vedic rituals, and religious ceremonies and easily approachable in Ujjain. The owner “Pandit Ashutosh Joshi” is a renowned pandit (priest) of Ujjain and he is famous in Ujjain by ‘Panda Lota Wala’. Anand-Shree provides almost every service (poojas) which includes – Kaal sarp dosh, Mangal dosh, pitra dosh, Guru Chandal dosh, Mahamrityunjay Jap, Navgrah Jap,
RudraAbhishek, janeu Sanskar, Vivah Sanskar, tehrvi Karma, Garud Puran, Satyanarayana Pooja, Vastu Shanti, etc many more.
Pandit Ashutosh Joshi along with his team (highly experienced Pandits and Shastries) is famous for its services (offline as well as online pooja) and always tries to provide the greatest satisfaction to the customers. So, book your pooja from home to experience greater satisfaction.