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Garud Puran-
In Hinduism, Garud Puran is one of the 18 major Puran it is a Vishnu Puran and it is the 17th of the 18th Mahapuran.

Importance of Garud
Puran is due to its exhaustive telling of death rituals hell and afterlife contents. Garud Puran are broadly divided into 3
Achara kand – Pret -Uttara kand and Brahma kand

1) the miseries of the sinful in this world and the other
2)The way of Yama
3)The torment of yam
4)The kinds of sins which lead to hell.
5) The signs of Sins
6)The miseries of birth of the sinful
7)BAbhruvanas sacrament for the departed.
8)the gifts for the dying
9)the collecting of the bones from the Fire
10)the rites for the dying .

The ten days ceremonies
The 11th-day rite
The ceremony for all ancestors.
The city of the king of Justice.The coming to birth of people who have done good
The law for liberation.


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