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Guru Chandal dosh–
Guru refers to Jupiter, it is the Planet of Creative Thinking, knowledge, and learning once Rahul the channel planet enters your birth chart and both Jupiter and Rahu are in the same house then you will have to face the famous Guru Chandal dosh. It is a very dangerous and difficult period for any person.

All benefic characteristic of Jupiter automatically converts into malefic features any God and benefit blessings of any planet will be destroyed the person who is passing through this phase will have to face not only financial problems and losses but also loss of character creation and knowledge friends family and health.

When you or anyone known to you is undergoing this those will be able to notice certain changes in one’s character this are-

1- The tendency to mingle and increase acquaintance which negative minded people those who will misguide the person does leading you into some scandal or wrongdoing.

2)You will lose your creative talent the ones who have a benefit Jupiter is blessed with artistic expertise but under the influence of Guru Chandal dosh 1 loses interest in art and creativity.

3)Jupiter also decides your religious path if you have to be in a good position then you will love to do religious activities you will spend hours on worshipping and praying but this door does the opposite than a person becomes religious and losses gratitude towards God.


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