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Janeu Sanskar

Janehu ceremony halls have a significance in Hinduism, it is one of the major Sanskar amongst the 16 mentioned in the Hindu dharma Shastra Ajni who is a white-colored sacred thread made of three streams Threads that is won from the left shoulder towards the right side this ceremony is known as open Iron Sanskar in Sanatan Dharm where opener signifies moving closer to God while in Sanskrit it is called Pavitra Sanskar. Yagyopaveet is a blended word of Yagya and upvit
Which means getting the right to perform Yagya havan(fire sacrifice) without completing this ritual praying studying doing Puja business extra is said to be meaningless

The Hindu Shastra state that after performing the opening ceremony a child sins from his previous lives are clean consequently it was believed that the child is Reborn after the ceremony as only after completing this ritual does the child become religiously pious in ancient time a child was educated only after this was done as it was believed that the general ceremony is theoretical for the child’s growth and gaining knowledge.


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